Idea to decorate with pumpkins on Halloween

Good morning friends, today I present a great idea to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

Halloween is here and comes once again, full of great decorating ideas for all of you.

Today, for example, I share this extraordinary idea of ​​decorating a pumpkin and, in turn, decorating with it.

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<p>It's easy, as long as we have small thumbnails, as we see in the image. They are so beautiful that the whole set seems out of a beautiful story.</p>
<p>It's easy, remember to always empty the pumpkin … otherwise it will get bad before and the work will last shortly.</p>
<p>So, take with a sharp object and cut well. Now make a triangle-shaped hole, take out the shell and empty as much as you can of the inner pulp.</p>
<p>As you can see, in the image, there are several say windows that have been made in a triangular way. It is not necessary that you leave all the openings the same .. because it will be much more natural.</p>
<p>The beautiful thing is that it looks handmade! One thing you can do is cut the pumpkin in half, so you can better remove the pulp and empty it completely … if you don't have to do it through the holes.</p>
<p>Finally let the pumpkin dry very well … if it can be in the sun and naturally. When you can work with her, fill the entire interior with sand.</p>
<p>You can use moss, grass remnants, straw or whatever you want .. if you have small Chinese and others.</p>
<p>Finally add the figures that you like the most … this time it looks like a small bench, where a mini pumpkin is seated at the end.</p>
<p>Around you see more pumpkins and a small plant, which can be real! Also with the little tealight they have put on, at night it will be beautiful when you turn it on.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=minigardener

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