decorar con semillas

Idea to decorate with seeds A very natural frame!

Do you like to decorate with seeds? If I had not done it before, here is a nice example of what we can achieve with a little patience. Sometimes the frames of our mirrors or some paintings, we get bored … maybe something "bland" from here that, customize them, becomes an excellent idea.

To customize any frame, of whatever size, there are many techniques and materials to do it. One of these materials is the seeds or fruits that we like. Theirs is that, on this occasion, they are small. We must also try not to leave gaps between them. If there are gaps there are different solutions to cover it; You can use even smaller seeds, add the occasional trinket or apply that we like and even fill with sand.

If you have a mirror that you don't like, think about decorating with seeds the outline of it or the frame, where it is embedded. Natural resources such as seeds, acorns, nuts, can be very decorative. Ideal for somewhat rustic spaces, this technique is very easy to carry out. Do you want to try?


– A mirror

– Glue (silicone or carpenter's glue)

– Seeds, acorns or other fruits that you like

Decorate with seeds How is it done?

It is essential, to paste the seeds, that the frame or the mirror you want to decorate is very clean. For it pass a cotton ball with alcohol, all over the surface, eliminating dust particles, dirt and impurities. Once you have cleaned it, you can paste the rest of the elements.

Strategically fix each of the seeds or the ornament you want to put. Go outlining the frame and adding seeds out. From the inside out, this is the way to paste them. Do not miss this way to paste it and you will see how good it looks. Remember that you can put seeds of the same or different size, to choose. It is a great idea to use the smallest seeds in the center and the largest ones outside the mirror or frame.

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