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Idea to decorate your old pots

Today I propose an idea to decorate your old pots or sherds that are not the most aesthetic in the world. Remember that there are endless possibilities when changing the look to any pot, there is a wide range of possibilities that are within our reach and is much cheaper than you may be thinking.

In fact, getting some pots is not very expensive, but if you already have them and just want to change their appearance, you have it even easier. To decorate your pots with a certain vintage air, I leave these steps to follow easily … since I also leave them in photography. It's easy, if you like lace or scraps, if you crochet or have ease to do it, you already have more than enough to create your "new pots"

Simply have as many pots as you want to decorate, scissors for cloth, some glue that can be a carpenter's tail, a plant and pieces of lace or remnants of scraps, lace or crochet. However, so that the fabric is well glued the best advice I can leave is to clean the surface of the pot. You can easily do this with a cotton soaked in normal alcohol. Pass all the cotton on the surface.

Then, with a foam brush to make it easier to spread, smear the surface of the pot with a layer of carpenter's glue. You can be calm, since once it has dried it will turn transparent. Then and before it dries, add remnants of cloth, lace or the fabric with which you want to decorate. Keep adding another layer of carpenter's glue to make it secure.

Then let dry, you can add more layers if you want, but remember that this will harden the fabric. To your liking, decorate these great pots with fabric, as you can see, it is very easy and the result is quite beautiful and quick to do, what do you think?

steps to decorate

Photo: bestoutofwaste

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