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Idea to decorate your pots

Do you need an idea to decorate your pots? Today I leave you with this nice option, perfect for summer. The latter I say for the material that has been used, to line the pot … literally wooden sticks. These sticks, in sinuous forms, belong to summer ice creams.

So you already know! Do not throw the ice cream sticks, you can decorate your pots by painting them with beautiful colors and then fixing them to it. It is very easy to do so, if you have time, you could spend an afternoon decorating a couple of pots that you have at home.

Theirs is to use the well washed and clean sticks, without ice cream remains. Then let it dry very well to be able to paint them in the colors that you like most. In this case the chosen shades are quite vibrant, perfect for decorating any corner this summer.

The wooden sticks can be painted as you like, with a brush, with a marker or markers, with a spray… If you share this activity, with the smallest of the house, try to use paintings suitable for children. Remember to give as many layers to the sticks as you need. Let dry and ready to paste!

To fix the sticks to the pot, just use a little silicone. If you have a silicone gun, stick the sticks as you want. I remind you that they can be cut, to grant the design that we like the most. In this case they are placed vertically, but there are well cut sticks arranged by the upper part of the pot.

It is nice to see what the betas de los maderitas have been seen, so it is more natural (within what fits) Once the sticks are stuck, let it dry very well … you can even put a couple of ropes to press more until it dries . When you're done, add the plant you like best and ready to decorate. As you can see it is a fun way to color your pots. What do you think?

Photo: livingindecor

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