Idea to give a pot

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with this flower pot that you can fill with small treats and give it away.

It's easy to do, you can even put it on the table like center and join a few … then your diners can take some candy, when they feel like it.

As you see it is easy, economical and quick to do. With things you have for your garden, for your plants or for buying … you can do great things.

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<p>This time it is a completely personalized pot that, thanks to the paint, has managed to create a snowman effect.</p>
<p>If you like crafts, if you like to make your own decorations or your gifts .. this is a good idea.</p>
<p>Take one or several sherds, depending on how many you want to do, and clean them very well. This part is important as it will help the paint adhere much better.</p>
<p>With a cotton ball and some alcohol, you can do it without problems .. also dry immediately.</p>
<p>Once you have the pots clean, take white, black, red paint and a black marker.</p>
<p>Now take the pot and some tape, to mask those parts you do not want to paint .. in this case the mouth of the pot.</p>
<p>This last part goes black, but the rest goes white. So with the masked area .. paint the rest with a brush or with a spray so that it does not leave marks.</p>
<p>Then let it dry very well and remove the tape from the edge. Now paint the rest in black and ready.</p>
<p>To make the face, you can draw the nose and then paint it in red. You can make your eyes and mouth with a black marker.</p>
<p>Finally fill the pot with a bag of candy .. it will look great. As you can see it is a transparent bag to which a tape was added to close it.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=funfamilycrafts

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