Idea to give a pot

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you a beautiful idea to give a pot with a beautiful plant.

If you think about giving a flower to someone, a special plant … you can always make it even more beautiful, with some ideas like this.

The materials you need are at your fingertips … since you can easily find them at home or buy them very cheaply.

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<p>You just need a pot, to give a more special touch we will also take some rustic rope, a piece of white cardboard, spray paint, one-sided tape and scissors.</p>
<p>With all this you can make this beautiful decoration and add a very special touch to the pots. You can also practice it in those pots you have at home, to give them a new look.</p>
<p>Well folks, the steps are as follows. With everything in hand, look for a place to work quietly, if it can be outdoors.</p>
<p>First take the pot and clean it well, then mask the areas you do not want to be painted. You can do it as you want, you can cover half of the pot, make stripes or other design.</p>
<p>Cut the tape and go sticking it in the areas where you do not want to paint the pot. Then put them face down on paper that you don't mind staining.</p>
<p>Then take the spray paint and apply the necessary amount, to cover the areas that you wanted to paint.</p>
<p>Finally let dry very well. After a while, take the pots and carefully remove the insulating tape.</p>
<p>You will check that the design you created is! Now it only takes a little rustic rope, on the outline of the pot and making a loop at the end.</p>
<p>Then put a card with whatever you want and add the plant you like. Put some dirt and make a hole, put the plant in and go!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=thesweetestoccasion

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