Idea to illuminate outdoor spaces

Good morning everyone, today I leave you with a beautiful idea to illuminate outdoor spaces.

This time we are going to use some glass jars that are already empty. Since the bottles are beautiful, or so I think, they decide to recycle them instead of ending up in the garbage can.

Because this is a big mistake that we all make, throw things that we can truly include in the decoration of our home .. yes, always with the occasional touch up.

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<p>Once these glass bottles were recycled to contain, inside, some liquid.</p>
<p>But once finished, there are thousands of ways to decorate with them. We have seen some, and today I leave you one more idea.</p>
<p>As the good weather arrives .. although it is still delaying a bit, surely many of us will have thought about celebrating an event in the garden or in the courtyard.</p>
<p>If so and it is your case, I offer you this striking and attractive idea. I leave the image so you can get an idea of ​​how a beautiful garland of glass bottles can look.</p>
<p>The idea of ​​these bottles is to transform into the lighting of the place, for that night.</p>
<p>As we can see, each of the jars has white candles inside … they are not small at all, but they are not large candles … so that the jars do not break.</p>
<p>These seven glass jars, transparent and of two different sizes, are subject to chains, which in turn are subject to a wooden structure.</p>
<p>Quite handmade, the structure consists of several sticks decorated with beautiful flowers that combine, in color, with the rest of the table.</p>
<p>The set is the most attractive, it seems almost unreal .. the truth is that it seems great for a wedding or anniversary invitation.</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=merrybrides

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