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Idea to make some flower pots

If you want to make some flower pots, you have it very easy! today I leave you three examples made with the same technique … the Decoupage. I guess you all know this way of decorating objects, furniture and home accessories. It is easy and quick to do.

First gather as many buckets as pots you want to make and clean very well both inside and out. You can do it with a hard bristle brush, water and if you want some soap. Of course, remember to rinse very well to remove other impurities such as dust, dirt or anything else.

Then you have to make two or three holes in the base of the cubes. These holes will help the pot to have good drainage. Thus, when you water, the water does not remain at the bottom of the pot and the plant you put can rot. If you are going to hang them or place them in outdoor areas, nothing happens, but if you put them inside, add a dish so that it does not wet the ground or the surface where you put them.

Once this is done, we begin to decorate the cube so that they look beautiful. First look for a paper that you like, it can even be a gift or a napkin. The important thing is that it has the colors that you like or a beautiful pattern (the ones we see today are quite colorful) Then in another container add carpenter's tail and cut with water. With this mixture we will glue the pieces of paper.

Cover the bucket well, with the mixture, using a brush. It also covers the paper and sticks … you will see that it adheres very well. Keep pasting the rest or traces of papers in the bucket and let dry. You will see that the layer has become quite hard and resistant, if you want you can add as many layers as you want, making it harder and brighter. Finally add some rustic rope both in the upper mouth, and at the base of the cubes. Paste with a little silicone and ready the pots. The handle can be used to hang them! What do you think?

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