Idea to paint the pots

There is a way to paint the pots, very easy, simple and maybe economical. The one I show you is painted with nail paint. On this occasion I see that it is an idea of ​​the most original. It is also perfect to recycle some colors that we do not like, once we have tried it.

You may like the color of the nail mask, but that the nails themselves do not look good or you may not wear them anymore. If this is so, don't think about getting rid of them … if not, recycle them. This time we are going to recycle them giving color to pots that you have at home, you can also make the drawing that you want.

For example you can do it with your clay pots, it's easy … but you can do it in several ways. One of them is to choose a bowl or a container that you can use and stain without problems. Now add all the colors you want, nail paint, inside it. But remember that you must also mix the colors with water, so that it looks even better and does not dry out.

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<p>After this, dip the pot and rotate it, you will see what an interesting effect when you take it out and dry it. It is a beautiful way to give color to a pot, you can also do it with a lot of variety of colors or maybe with a couple of them. But not only can you do it this way, another idea is to use a brush or several of them.</p>
<p>Dip the brush and then paint whatever you want in your pot. You can also write something you want on them. As you see the nail masks give for much more than it seems! A great idea not to throw away the paintings that you don't like and have cornered somewhere in your home.</p>
<p>After this, you just have to plant your plants quietly. Just let the pot dry well and ready, now you can renew a pot with nail paint … quickly. I hope you like it as much as I do!</p>
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