Idea to recycle a pallet

Today I would like to share this idea, to recycle any pallet, as a practical bookshelf. This fantastic option is great and has a very curious result, you can also use it for both interior and exterior decorating. It gives a very interesting style to the wall, where it is placed and also becomes a great response to recycle this type of article.

The pallets, made of wood, if you treat them are great materials to make many things. The wood can be taken care of and renewed, to make different projects with it and, in the long run, very durable. On other occasions I have talked about how to do other things using a pallet and in this way decorate your home. Among these there are furniture you can see tables, sofas, outdoor planters and this time a bookshelf.

Pallets are very simple items, from which you can get much more than it seems. In this case I encourage you to make different types of shelves, to organize everything you need. In the images we see photographs, magazines and other articles that, with the top discovered, decorate pleasantly.

Organize the woods as you want, you can undo the pallet and then rearrange them with some nails or glue. Add the shelves that you think are convenient and ready, you will have the shelves (especially if you like working with wood)

If you have prepared the wood, it is already sanded and clean, you can apply some product to seal the pores of the wood. You can also paint it in different colors, if you give them live or pastel shades, you can decorate your child's bedroom. You can also apply a good varnish, if you are going to use it in outdoor areas.

You can put it in the living room, giving a very natural or rustic touch, thanks to the wood from which the pallet is made. If you do a good job, it will surely look great! It is also another option, to cover the wood with cloth or with a nice wallpaper. I hope you like the idea!

Photo: homedit

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