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Idea to recycle remnants of branches

Today I present this idea to recycle remnants of branches that you have in the garden or in the yard. If you have pruned your plants or your trees, the leftover branches do not throw them you can always do other things with them. Some of them can be recycled by making beautiful centerpieces, home racks, hooks or even decorating beautiful pots and vases with the wood.

You can also use the remains of pruning to create organic compost, they will be great to keep the land where you grow and plant your favorite flowers rich. This time the dry branches have been used as an ornament to line the pot we see in the photograph. I don't know about you, but I love dry branches to be part of the decoration.

In my house I have some pieces of trunk, which are part of the decoration of the terrace .. cats also love to sharpen their nails there .. so I book that other furniture is broken .. such as chairs or sofas do you sound? Now I return to the subject, take a few dry branches and cut the ends where you deem appropriate.

If the pot, to decorate, is more or less high .. you must measure and take into account this measurement to cut the branches that have to cover the entire surface and the length of the pot. I also tell you that the pot can be replaced by a wide glass or a container that you want to recycle.

Now with a little silicone, you can go sticking branch by branch around the whole pot. Recycling remnants of branches has never been so simple. Press each stick, with your fingers until it has set and then go for the next one. If you have a silicone gun everything will be much simpler.

Once the entire container is covered with branch debris, you can add a ribbon as a final detail. Choose a decorative ribbon, combine well with the whole set and go. Finally add the flowers, herbs or plants that you like the most. Remember that you must fill the container, if it is a pot, it will probably already have holes in the base to drain the water better, with fertile soil and then locate the plant inside.

Photo: hpmirror

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