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Idea to take advantage of fallen leaves

Do you want to take advantage of fallen leaves? Today I present this idea, consisting of painting the leaves with the colors and shapes you want. This time we see how they have been transformed into fun and friendly little bugs … among them the ladybug (a little bug that I love since I was a child)

And speaking of this childhood stage, what better idea than to share the activity with the little ones in the house. If you have children, nephews or need an activity for some children's class, I think this idea is great. Simply collect as many leaves as you want, if they are dry it will be better … since you can paint them with tempera, watercolors or acrylic paint (if you work with children it is better to use tempera paint)

Now, painting the leaves is a good idea to decorate with them … depending on the type of drawing, colors and designs you make. An idea is to paint them all and then fix them to a canvas to frame them and hang the picture wherever you want. Another idea is to paint them so that your children play with them … they won't last long, but they will have fun doing them as well as playing with the leaves.

In autumn season it is very easy to provide these leaves, since we find them everywhere. There are many ways to take advantage of fallen leaves, but I think this is quite striking and attractive. In addition to simulating small monsters or bugs, you can decorate them with a brush and make beautiful shapes. If you use a black marker, you could write a word, spiral or add a pattern you like.

take advantage of the leaves

If you want to decorate the dining room table, add many painted sheets of different colors or share them on a wooden tray. It will be great, although it is an autumnal set … for the time in which we are; You can write this idea for next fall.

Now, during these hot months, you can apply much more vibrant colors and hang the garland-shaped leaves, joined by a rope. You can also use them to decorate notebooks or fix them to some furniture in an area that we do not have to touch too much, so that they do not break. As you can see you can do many things with them … customize your sheets! How about?

take advantage of the leaves

Photo: lushome

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