Idea with a branch for Christmas

Good morning friends, today I leave you with this idea for Christmas, made with a single branch. It is easy to make and perfect for small places.

If your home is small and you don't have room for a great decoration, sometimes, these small ideas can solve the whole problem.

Also as we are nature lovers, today we decorate with a branch that has been painted. An idea is to leave it in the same color that it already has in nature, but if you want it to combine with the rest of the decoration you can paint it, this time it is white.

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<p>If you have put the tree and you have no place for anything else, this is a decorative option and at the same time useful.</p>
<p>On the branch you can hang all kinds of ornaments and even Christmas socks, to see if something falls for Santa Claus.</p>
<p>If you have no place for them, the wall can be a good space. Easy to get and very economical.</p>
<p>Tie the branch, as you can .. this time we see it with two pieces of tape. They can be the color you want!</p>
<p>Tie the branch well, try not to be too heavy .. but not so thin as to break.</p>
<p>Then choose Christmas socks, from which you want to hang. Try adding some that are flashy .. you will see that you will find some gift.</p>
<p>Hang the ornaments either with tweezers or with ribbon threads, wool or as you like. It is also an idea to add a string of Christmas lights.</p>
<p>They are very cheap and you can put them along the wood. You will see how beautiful it is at the end, when we turn them on.</p>
<p>As you can see it is something easy that you can do, also if you have trimmed some trees you can take the branches to create ornaments like these.</p>
<p>I hope you like it as much as I do! Merry Christmas!</p>
<p>Photo: <a title=fooyoh

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