Ideal center for bright spaces

Ideal center for bright spaces

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens we want to give you a great idea to make a great centerpiece. This centerpiece is made up of beautiful fresh flowers, which we can take from our garden or purchase from the market.

There are many types of flowers that we can add to a beautiful centerpiece, but today is something special. This centerpiece is perfect or ideal for very bright spaces.

If you have bright rooms in your home, if your living room is bright, your kitchen, your living room … for bright spaces here we leave you with this idea.

For bright or bright spaces, white flowers will be perfect, perhaps a beautiful pink color or a beautiful purple color. Choosing these colors we will succeed.

To combine the first thing we can do is check which shades we like best and stick with another of the colors we have chosen.

For example, a great pink color of cymbidium is ideal, if we add some willow branches to this, it will be more than perfect … but this still lacks a little thing … a little bit of eucalyptus spring … will be a perfect center for bright spaces.

For subtle, scented and elegant decorations … we can also add a touch or rather a lavender bush to the center … in this way we will have a much more personal atmosphere.

If you were looking for subtle, elegant corners and with that personal touch .. you have guessed right .. all these details are summarized in this delicious center that will help enrich the decoration of our home.

So you already know! If you were looking for ideas to make a beautiful centerpiece .. here we leave you this magnificent idea, with it we will provide a great detail, full of color. Once done just place it on a surface, the window pointer or perhaps in the corner that we like the most!

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