Ideas for gardens and decoration

Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! More and more we are the people that we raise awareness with the environment and we are going to recycle, reuse, restore … throw less garbage and do it correctly will be one of the keys.

But many of us still go further, very concerned about climate change and wanting to give nature a little of what she gives to us .. they move their home or they form it through the green constructions.

We can find many cases such as these, green buildings, a living environment and friends of the plant .. this type of buildings pollute much less, becoming more responsible with the environment.

Do you want to join the green? Caring for the environment is our responsibility, and I say ours because we are the ones who live on this planet.

Therefore, these types of homes are ideal if we want to respect nature, with the use of renewable energy and thanks to the lower consumption of water, bio-construction makes its way to healthier homes.

Another factor on which natural houses are based is that they are made with the implementation of many non-polluting and yes recyclable materials!

All from natural sources, these houses are the perfect ones to live and be at peace with the environment. Households with minimal consumption, where all resources are natural and there is no lack of detail.

Comfort, functionality .. great decoration and, in addition, consistent with the environment .. what else can we ask for?

Ideally, we can build it ourselves, so we will make these homes much more personalized. Remember that the layout of the house is essential to be able to collect all the natural elements that we would need to create a comfortable environment that lacks all kinds of comfort.

The sun, the wind, the water, the plants … these elements are totally essential if we want a bio-construction that will help us to live … in addition to the articles that will help us transform all this into energy such as solar panels, we must have others that we they serve as wall insulators, these can be bricks, eggs, cardboard or simply vegetable walls that will help us balance moisture and protect us from the cold.

In addition to all this, the ideal is to obtain low energy devices, water saving.

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