Ideas for our Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Ideas for our Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today, in our space, we want to give you some great ideas for our garden.

If you have green space or a nice patio, we hope you can use these suggestions as inspiration.

Above all they are ideas for small gardens or spaces with few square meters. We can look for common ideas, both for small and large spaces.

We look for ways to provide shade, a small comfortable corner to rest, some common ideas.

Among these common ideas we find garden furniture, details to provide a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

Colors are very important details that will provide the look we need. For example for more romantic spaces we can use pastel shades. For example the green color is very relaxing. Do not use bright green.

Pergolas are ideal for creating a space with a little shade. There are many designs, styles and materials .. select the one you like.

For those who have a pool, bet on a chill-out decoration .. with sun loungers, umbrellas, pillows.

You can also put oriental details such as some lanterns, tables or furniture of this type. Elephants are a good idea, they will give a most interesting look.

But if you are looking for some more elaborate ideas, we can think of paving with teak wood. There will be some beautiful floors.

Giving a tropical touch, teak wood can be placed in any garden, patio or terrace … both on floors and walls.

As you can see with some simple ideas we can create a beautiful garden. Some living room furniture in natural fibers will also help us to take it outside. But look that these furniture are suitable for it ..

Lighting is very important and will create different atmospheres .. depending on what we need them for. You can put lamps on the floor, solar lamps, in the pool, around it.

If you have a stone path, illuminate it with some great garden lamps.

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