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Ideas for summer! Paint stones with your children

Today I propose to paint stones with your children for example to decorate the garden in summer or to perform a fun activity with our children or even to decorate with the stones that we have taken on our vacation. If your child loves to pick up stones on the beach or in the countryside, it is a good idea to decorate with them and if you want to paint them, you can create thousands of designs.

Where will this train take you? With different stones, painted in different colors, a nice children's train that can be put in any of our favorite corners has been simulated. It is not necessary to be a great artist to enjoy with a brush and give some color to the river stones or stones that we find on the beach.

If you are interested in this hobby or want to teach your child a fun activity now for the summer, try painting the stones and rocks. Choose one or several, the size you want and then some brushes. Think about what you are going to paint look for a good brush, a brush, a place to color and work and the most appropriate paint. If you have acrylics you will have no problem painting the rocks or stones.

If you do not know, I recommend acrylic paint to paint the stones, although any exterior paint is also perfect (depending on where you are going to place the stones and rocks) You can also paint stones with markers, finger paint … markers Permanent are perfect for shaping and adding small details to the stones such as eyes, mouths, noses or other stories.

To paint the stones of your garden, of some trips or of the river it is enough to clean them first very well … you can do two things one is to wash them with water to remove all the remains of dust, sand and others … You can also get a bristle brush not very soft and thus remove the remains of soil from the surface. Once clean, you can already paint quietly … yes, to make it better you can always sand the stone a bit and so it will be softer to the touch.

When it comes to painting, if it is a more complicated drawing you can pencil the design on the stone and then paint it. It is a very practical idea to start painting the larger parts, for example if the whole background is blue … paint the blue stone first and then add the other colors. If the tones are very strong, try to avoid painting the areas that go in lighter colors.

When you have painted large areas, let dry very well and then add smaller parts. The details can be done with a marker of the color you need, try to keep it permanent. Finally, place the stones in the place you like, both outside and inside the house. This time they have become a fantastic train. What do you think?

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