Ideas for using the pool in autumn and winter

Ideas for using the pool in autumn and winter

Autumn has arrived, and with it, cold days, rain and wind. We say goodbye to our beloved swimming pools until the next spring-summer season … and what a pity it gives us! However, there are solutions for enclosures and covers for swimming pools that allow us to take full advantage of our facilities and use them throughout the year.

Broadly speaking, we could say that there are 4 types of covers and enclosures for swimming pools: fixed high decks, telescopic high decks, fixed low decks and removable covers for swimming pools.

Fixed high pool covers

Get the water temperature increase between 8 and 10 degrees, allowing the use of the pool in winter, it is possible with the fixed high decks They are facilities that allow to be used comfortably, since they are not limited to cover the pool but also a small rest area with a height similar to that of the roof of a house.

Of course, if we had to talk about any inconvenience of this type of installation, we would say that being fixed, during the summer we will not be able to enjoy an outdoor pool. However, and despite this, these types of enclosure systems give security (especially when you have small children and pets) and keep the water clean for longer, limiting pool maintenance.

High and fixed pool cover Tabarca Rotonda model of Abrisol

Covers for telescopic high pools

One of the most complete options in pool enclosure is that offered by telescopic decks for high pools, as they have all the advantages you can think of. You can have the pool closed during winter and open during summer to enjoy it to the fullest whatever the season of the year. In addition, being high, it allows us to use it comfortably during the winter.

  Telescopic pool cover Ibiza model of Abrisol
Telescopic pool cover Ibiza model of Abrisol

Covers for fixed low pools

These types of facilities are specially designed to protect the pool from several points of view. If for example you have pets or toddlers, is a way to ensure that they are not in danger. Also, in some places with a somewhat complicated weather where, even in summer, we can find a strong storm, this cover is essential to protect the pool.

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<figcaption id=Low fixed roof deck Lanzarote model of Abrisol

Detachable pool covers

The removable pool covers allow different and flexible configurations to cover the pool. In a moment you can open it, close it or leave it semi-open.

Abrisol detachable pool cover
Abrisol detachable pool cover

In short, there is no excuse for having to say goodbye to our pools this fall – winter. With a good cover we can Enjoy our pool all year long.


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