terraza pequeña decorada

Ideas to decorate a small terrace

Although summer is running out, here I leave some ideas to decorate a small terrace. It is a great idea to take advantage of your outdoor spaces, no matter how big or small they are. Just think so that you will use it more and get ready to cover these decorative needs.

If it is going to be a terrace where you can enjoy a good breakfast, snacks or even some food, there are folding tables that you can go up and down to have more spaces. You can also include a beautiful vertical garden to enjoy the view and have your favorite plants, without taking up any space. Add a couple of stools or folding chairs and you're done. Also a great centerpiece will be luxurious and do not forget the lighting! For the night.

If you are going to use this corner to read or meditate, try adding a comfortable and orderly place. Look for furniture with double function and that you can combine well, although the terrace is small maybe you can include something to sit on like some pouf or some great cushions will make a seat. You can also spread a carpet or something comfortable to sit on and, if you can lie down. The plants stick in almost all environments, you can also choose planters that face the outside and hang on the railing or a nice green wall.

Decorating a small terrace in style is not difficult. You can change the floor, add floating flooring or even upholster it with the wood of the pallets, well treated and then painted. Includes a hammock for those who love to take a nap or read comfortably.

small decorated terrace

Also choose light colors and combine these with some details in more vibrant shades or clearer, cakes or natural fibers. Customizing the terrace is something we should keep in mind as it is just as important as decorating the interior of our home.

small decorated terrace

The lighting is very important, if it does not have spaces you can add some luminaires as wall lights. You can also add beautiful lanterns that hang, are placed on the floor or on the table, in different dimensions … so you just have to choose the one you like best.

small decorated terrace

On the other hand there are accessories that may interest you like pots that light up at night or lamps that feed from the sun and then shine at night, ideal for terraces or balconies that give them many hours of sunshine a day Have you forgotten your terrace? What do you think of these ideas?

small decorated terrace

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