Ideas to decorate the balcony

Good morning friends! In today's space we will give some ideas to decorate your balconies.

Sometimes this area is forgotten, since they are usually small areas … but remember that this area is as important as the rest of the house .. so let's put it pretty!

With the cold you can accommodate your terrace at the temperatures you have, with blankets, slippers and a comfortable place to avoid excessive cold.

In summer on the contrary, we will add color and accessories worthy of this era. But in general we can practice many decorative ideas, for the balcony, which will look great.

At Better Homes and Gardens, we find many ideas for decorating balconies and terraces.

Hence we propose two completely different ways of decorating an outdoor space in an economical and simple way!

Use paint and textiles, this together with a beautiful lighting .. will make your balcony go from not attracting attention to being one of the great protagonists.

No matter how small the balcony is, just with a little paint and some beautiful textiles, we will give color and life to this area of ​​the home.

It is important to take into account what fabrics we need for outdoor use, since they are not all valid and spoil more over time.

Try to make a fabric that can withstand the weather agents such as rain, wind, cold, a little extreme temperatures … etc.

In the market there are many to choose from, when you have it .. we will decorate the balcony railing. We do this with the fabric itself, the ideal is to try to make a kind of ornament with it.

For this we will also need a cord or rope to taste. It is very easy, try to spread the fabric on the railing and then we will hold it with the help of the cord! go tying this one around the cloth and the railing.

Keep in mind the measures of the railing and the meters of fabric that you are going to need .. so we can boil a little and give more play creating a much more dynamic composition.

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