Ideas to decorate the pots

Why plant in boring pots? If you are tired of always having the same pot, decorate with a little imagination and a bit of art! It's easy, there are many methods to color and beautify our pots, pots or planters. Today I leave you a few ideas that you can consider.

A great option, which you can also do with your children, is to paint the pots with finger paint. Choose the color you like best and draw with your own fingers .. it is great to spend time with your children and, in addition, you will be decorating the pots on the terrace or in the garden. Then let dry and voila!

Another great idea, to decorate, is to paint with slate paint. It's easy, you just have to mask the areas you don't want to paint, you can do this with bodybuilder tape. Then apply the paint, where you want and let it dry. Remove the tape and voila .. now you can write with color chalk whatever you want. This serves to organize the pots and know what we have planted, for example.

Another great option, to decorate our friends, is to use the collage technique. On other occasions we have already talked about it, just choose traces of paper that you like. The paper to be used can be newspaper, magazine paper, wallpaper or wrapping paper in strips or pieces. You can cut the pieces as you want, either with scissors or with your hands.

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<p>To fix them to the pot, you just have to make a mixture of carpenter's glue and water. Then with a brush, apply mixture both in the pot and on the paper. You will see that every piece of paper you put adheres to the surface. You can superimpose paper, if you want, then let dry very well. Later, if you want to harden and shine the result, you can apply more layers of glue and water.</p>
<p>Another idea is to fix beads that you like or stones, you can also do it with shells. Upholster a part or all of the pot with beads that you like, just stick them with a little silicone and voila.</p>
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