Ideas to decorate with dried flowers

Today I leave you with some great ideas, to decorate with dried flowers. If you have some flowers or bouquets, that you don't want to lose, try drying them and then decorate with them your favorite corners. It is easy, colorful and also provides a great aroma in any room.

You can decorate both with dried flowers, as with leaves or whole bouquets. Floral arrangements, garlands or containers filled with dried leaves give a lot of color to the house. Since you get to decorate with dried flowers, you have to know that there are different styles .. they can give a more rustic touch, a classic brushstroke or complete rustic environments.

An idea to decorate with these flowers, is to do it according to the time of the year … now that we are in spring you can choose seasonal flowers and dry them. Give colored brushstrokes by adding the flowers on a tray or in a pretty bowl. Also make beautiful floral arrangements. When the season changes, you can add another type of leaves or flowers (take care of the colors)

The floral arrangements are perfect for decorating tables, both indoor and outdoor. You can grant great color richness with really beautiful flowers and plants. Remember that drying flowers is very easy, we have ever talked about it .. there are different techniques; placing the flowers upside down and leaving them a few days will give very good results because the plant does not deform.

You can also put dried flowers in containers that you like, vases or you can decorate notebooks with them (just paste them with a little silicone or other glue that goes well). Combine dried flowers, with natural textures such as wicker or other fibers. The result will be the most colorful!

From here I send greetings to all our readers and thank you very much for reading us .. How about decorating with dried flowers? Leave your opinion

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