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Ideas to decorate with lemons

Today I propose a wide range of ideas to decorate with lemons. These citrus fruits that drive us crazy, besides eating you can also decorate with them How about? As you can choose another fruit, today I propose the lemon, as a good decorative example. Do you dare?

The idea of ​​creating centerpieces is one of the great solutions to decorate any table, whether indoor or outdoor. Decorating with lemons is easy, if you want a centerpiece you can play with them to cut them into slices or in half, you can also use them whole. Find a nice bowl and add the lemons, if you want to accompany candles or some flowers, how are you?

It is also an option decorate the lamp based on lemons, but look at the image. As if it were a climber, they have placed all the leaves by a lamp. A curious decoration that you can use for some event.

On the other hand you can create beautiful bouquets of lemons, as if they were flowers. Prick each lemon or half a lemon on a stick. Then prick the stick on a sponge or a soft but consistent base. We put the base in a vase, decorate with as many skewers and lemons as you want. Then add some leaves and plants that you like, you will see what a beautiful bouquet.

Another great idea is to decorate the road or the entrance to a specific place with these citrus fruits. Hook each one on a rack, you can also use chicken coop. As you can see the roof is made of a fence where the climbing plants are scandal, if you add some lemons it will be another great story.

As you see too we can decorate the lemons to eat them, make for example ice cream with its pulp and then fill the inside of the peel … a teaspoon and eat! You can also make lemon cakes, if you like even for a wedding it will look great, what do you think?

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