Ideas to make Composite Fertilizer

Ideas to make Composite Fertilizer

As we discussed in the previous article there are some variants or options when it comes to compound fertilizer. We can do it in different ways and these will be based on what we like the most.

For example we can perform Composite well fertilizer, in this way the waste accumulates in ditches or wells. The system is a great idea for dry areas. For humid areas it is recommended only in summer because otherwise the prepared fertilizer could rot.

Another fairly simple way is through tacho, in this way we would need one of 200 Its. We do it without cover and without any bottom. Always with holes in the entire surface of it. These can be seated on bricks, but leaving a certain space that we can cover with some wood … this way we can access the compound when it is ready.

In this bowl we introduce food, grass, husks, leaves, weeds with their roots, grasses … and then we add soil, so we make several layers and remove with the fork … this is necessary to air the compound. Finally cover the container, so that it does not collect rainwater.

In addition to these forms there are others that depending on the needs we have can help us in one way or another. But as we said earlier today we also want to talk about fertilizer separation.

If you have done homemade fertilizer, we will separate it with a fork or screen of one cm of mesh … in this way we must have three different types of materials. A fairly thick one that has been formed by the material that has not yet decomposed .. this is perfect to start a new abonera.

We also find medium materials, which has not come through the zaranda … this is perfect for us to use as mulch or protective layer of the soil.

Finally we will find the finest and most lumpy material this will be perfect for the most superficial layer, we can place it in direct sowing grooves or in holes when we want to do transplants. This material makes the earth more fertile.

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