Ideas. Winter Plants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Ideas. Winter Plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we talk about some species of plants to decorate our homes on the coldest days of the year.

Now in January is a good time to add some species, especially resistant to wind, bad weather, cold …

Orchards and other plants due to wind, at low temperatures, rain, snow … they become much more vulnerable and do not resist these months.

If you like plants and want some suggestions to decorate your home, in the winter months, the first thing is to condition the environment. You must choose the plants or species of new plants that you want to have.

You can find species that adapt both to winter, and to a slightly hotter climate.

If you want them to plant and decorate the garden, it's a good time to choose the roses. They are the most beautiful flowers for this time. Fruit trees or deciduous shrubs are also the right choice.

Rose bushes are best planted in planters, during this time. Another ideal flower is the Christmas rose. Although the dates have passed, it is a highly demanded flower. Resistant to adverse conditions and even coexists in spring with other species.

If you have space you can plant a fruit tree. Winter is a good time to do this, although they need ample spaces.

Cherry trees are the most beautiful and grow in cold climates. If they have been planted in other years, we will need to prune them and clean them well with lichen and moss … so we will recover it.

There are many plants that are ideal for this time of year, enjoy each season and protect plants that do not adapt to the cold.

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