Illuminate your Garden - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Illuminate your Garden – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk about the illumination in our outdoor areas. You already have a beautiful garden, a great patio, a comfortable terrace or a small balcony .. the lighting is an important part of the decoration.

Therefore, we have to keep it in mind when implementing them in these areas. They do not matter how well we care that the garden or the area to be illuminated, we always have to be careful when the night falls have good lighting.

The day is responsible for showing us the forms, beautiful cultivated plants and flowers that we have … their colors … but at night we must seek good lighting to harmonize this area and enhance the beauty that the darkness of the night does not let us appreciate.

For a beautiful dinner, a party, a celebration … for any event or even if you are alone, we must properly illuminate the garden, so we will add beauty to the environment and we can take advantage of the green areas, even at night.

The lighting allows the creation of different environments, so we will choose what we want to radiate, the style we want to have in the garden, the terrace or the patio.

Candle holders are beautiful solutions, a more delicate, classic, romantic option … we can add different styles of candle holders … the lighting they provide is very special and intimate, perfect for romantic moments and special dinners.

If you have a path made, we can always illuminate it with floor lamps, even those that are recharged with the sun. Floating lamps are beautiful lighting for the pool, if we have.

We can also opt for furniture that lights up, especially if you are more given to parties and dinners. The sofas, tables, bedside tables … all that light up at night … even table lamps specially designed for outdoors. Remember that this type of furniture is perfectly designed to resist moisture, water and weather conditions.

Finally we can add decorative elements that are from the garden itself, such as beautiful illuminated walls with sconces in the form of lighthouses .. etc.

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