Arboles, beneficios

Important tree functions

The trees are one excellent option for the garden. Its benefits are many, and have been used for thousands of years. In many parks and gardens you can see fruit trees, ornament trees, etc.

The role that trees occupy in nature is essential for the life of the planet. Today we will refer to some of its advantages.

The trees provide shade
All people enjoy the shade, as do the animals that rest under the trees on very hot days.

They humidify the environment
The trees have the ability to remove water vapor to the environment by its leaves, thanks to this perspiration the air is cooled, moistened and all living beings benefit.

Trees oxygenate the air
A medium-sized tree allows to generate the necessary oxygen for 10 people. Let's keep in mind that the large number of leaves generate oxygen.

Thanks to trees, pollution decreases
Tree leaves can retain dust and particles that are floating in the air. Thanks to this we do not inhale them when breathing. During the fall, when the leaves fall and they are collected, all contamination ends up discarded.

In cities, trees play an important role linked to pollution. In very populated areas there is a large amount of gases from cars and heaters that are used in winter. Trees help improve and clean the air in cities. Acid rain is a very serious problem linked to pollution of industrial origin. This acid is produced by large thermal power plants. Unfortunately the acid causes the leaves to fall out.

Other advantages that trees give us:

  • Trees reduce noise
  • They generate food and different resources
  • They serve as an animal shelter
  • They are very pretty

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