Improvise vintage pots for your home

Improvise vintage pots for your home

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with these vintage style pots, completely improvised.

There are many people who decide to give a vintage touch to their home, I particularly love the style.

If this is your case … don't throw away the boats you have at home … you can always recycle them and turn them into real vases.

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<p>These small pots or vases, are perfect to decorate any corner of your house. Also sure you have plastic cans or other material that you can recycle.</p>
<p>Simply remove the covers and voila .. the base you already have it, so now it is only necessary to choose paper or cloth, with a pattern that you like.</p>
<p>They can be pictures, flowers … as we see in the picture and, with certain pastel touches. This last shade is given, in this case, by the beautiful flowers.</p>
<p>I love decorating with flowers, they give a great aroma to the house and many beautiful sets can emerge with them to decorate our favorite corners.</p>
<p>In this case, a few roses have been carefully placed. This flower is one of my favorites, you know that.</p>
<p>They go in a beautiful stick pink color, a beautiful color perfect for vintage style environments. Trim the stem of the rose diagonally … this is important.</p>
<p>Then fill the boat with water and half aspirin .. finally add the flowers you like. As you see this set is quite careful, they have been very well decorated .. with an impeccable final look.</p>
<p>In addition the detail of placing three roses in the boats, gives a special touch. You can choose the boats of the material you want, decorate them as you like and add the flowers you want.</p>
<p>Using these items you can decorate many things, including making a beautiful set for any surface.</p>
<p>It is very simple to make and economical, I hope you like it!</p>
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