Indoor plant in summer II

If you want to know more about how to take care of the indoor plant, in summer, here are some great tips. As in the previous article, here are some guidelines to follow so that our flats grow healthy, strong and beautiful, during the summer months as well.

Remember that good advice is to aerate the earth, occasionally, pricking with a fork. You will also prevent certain bugs from landing on the earth, if you move it from time to time. Another idea is to avoid long exposure to the sun, especially in very young plants. A few plants are well suited to the direct sun, for many hours.

This causes the plants to become dehydrated and their leaves to be burned and withered. To avoid this, you can place the plants in a place in the house where besides the sun, also in the shade. A place where not so many hours the sun followed, so you will avoid burning your plants.

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<p>If your plants are in the sun and you cannot change them, you can always protect them. If you cover them with a plastic, after watering you will see that they retain much more moisture than without the plastic, so they are at a lower risk of becoming dehydrated. Also in summer and in hot months, try to water your plants more often.</p>
<p>Use products that are specific to your type of plant, if you are going to fight a pest or some insects. Try to use treatments that contain few chemicals, if you can avoid it.</p>
<p>Something very important is to eliminate weeds, it is time and pruning and to remove the branches and leaves that are no longer worth it. Cut what is dry and eliminate it or use it to make homemade compost. I hope you find these ideas very useful!</p>
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