Indoor plants How to clean them?

Indoor plants How to clean them?

Dear friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about indoor plants. These can also be cleaned, so that the leaves do not spoil and give a fresh look to our rooms.

Today we want to give some tips to know how to clean our indoor plants and that look healthy. Remember that at least once a week we must clean our houseplants well … because they also get dirty and can create pests due to excessive dust.

A very simple and effective way to proceed to clean the leaves of the plants we have is to use a natural oil. These oils clean very well, but also protect the leaves against aggression and nourish them at the same time.

To give them more shine, we can take a cloth that does not leave lint and use an avocado or perhaps a banana directly to the cloth that we are going to use … with this we will be cleaning the leaves carefully of our plants. Besides doing this we will also be applying a protective coating.

To water them it is advisable to use an atomizer with water … normally houseplants tend to be watered once a week … I say normally because there are always exceptions … when found indoors, plants usually retain more water, so it is advisable to water them less.

Finally, another tip, although not to clean them, this time it is not to stress your plants is to try not to change them … giving them a virtually perennial location in your home … what we can do is turn them so that they give them light or the sun everywhere equal .. so its development will be very leafy.

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