Indoor plants in low light

Some indoor plants have the ability to survive in very little light, adapting to different environmental conditions.

One of the plants that has that capacity is the Long live China, whose scientific name is ‘Aglanoema’. Its leaves are characterized by being a very beautiful silver green. The tolerance of light varies from high to low ranges, which is advised (due to its conditions) that it should not be placed in direct contact with sunlight.

Among the requirements of the Siempreviva we can tell you that you need a fresh environment, a small amount of water and very little light. This plant has the particularity of renewing the air xyleno by purifying it.

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<p style=Another plant that can be placed inside, in a low light environment is the Peace Lily, whose scientific name is Spathiphyllum This plant should never be placed in a place where it receives a lot of direct light. In the event that it receives a lot of light its fragile leaves will turn yellowish. The Peace Lily has beautiful white flowers and dark green leaves.

He Philodendron It has pretty heart-shaped leaves. It was a plant widely used in the interior during the Victorian era, the care of this plant is very simple, among them it should be noted that it requires very little water for its development.

And finally we will refer to Luck Bamboo or Lucky Bamboo. The scientific name of this plant is ‘Draceana’. According to the legend, those who have this plant are carriers of very good luck. It is an adorable plant that fits perfectly in minimalist style environments, its lines are elongated and its growth is vertical.

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