Information about Orchid species

Good morning friends, today I leave you with some information about the topic of Orchid species.

It is a flower that we love so much to grow, as to decorate interiors or exteriors.

I remind you that Orchids is one of the species of the Vegetable Kingdom of which there are more than 35 thousand different types worldwide.

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<p>You will also find hybrids, every year, as dozens of these new plants are registered.</p>
<p>Many of these species can be found in humid, tropical or subtropical climates.</p>
<p>These places, where there is usually more, are Colombia, Brazil, Java, New Guinea …</p>
<p>Of course, you can find different species almost all over the world except for the most extreme climates such as deserts, high mountains or poles.</p>
<p>If you wonder what species are in Spain, I tell you that there are more than one hundred different species.</p>
<p>Today you can find, in nature, more than 100 types of these flowers. Some of these flowers are threatened with extinction.</p>
<p>A common feature of European Orchids is that flowers or petals are not as large and showy as Orchids found in tropical climates.</p>
<p>I remind you that the collection of wild orchids is prohibited .. due to what I just mentioned above.</p>
<p>Normally the ones you can find in the market are Orchid hybrids, which have been made from seeds in greenhouses.</p>
<p>Remember that we will continually see new hybrids of this plant, so many of them are already adapted to live inside homes.</p>
<p>It is important to know that this type of Orchid usually leaves really beautiful and spectacular flowers.</p>
<p>I hope this information helps you a lot. I know that many of you would love to grow Orchids either to decorate the garden or to have them indoors.</p>
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