Una trepadora de crecimiento rápido, la hiedra

Ivy is an excellent climber

The ivy is a climber which is characterized by its rapid growth. His scientific name is Hedera helix, It belongs to the family Araliaceae (Araliáceas).

It is a species that originated in the European continent. Due to its characteristics, it can be developed in Europe, Africa and Asia. It is also grown throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands.

This climbing bush it has its evergreen. Its aerial roots are self-adhering. The leaves have the entire edges, an intense green tone. Its flowers are of a small size that meet in simple umbels forming a peninsula.

The fruits of ivy are presented in yellowish berries that turn black, ripe and opaque over the days. Especially during spring. In many cases these berries are poisonous.

Without a doubt it is an excellent option to consider for those looking for a long-lived plant. You can find many different varieties from each other because of their size, shade of leaves and their shape. In some cases the leaves are nuanced in yellow and others have white shades.

Its woody size can climb up to 20 meters.

Different uses of ivy: it helps to cover walls, walls and elements that we want to hide or to generate a natural green screen.

The varieties whose leaves are small are used for sculptural gardening, supporting them in wooden or metal structures.

Smaller plants can be grown in pots, inside houses. Some landscapers choose the hydra to make a floor tapestry, especially in the shadow areas.

Prefer the darkest areas for development, excessive heat stroke can damage them. With regard to temperatures we can tell you that it perfectly tolerates low temperatures.

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