Jardín Ingles - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Jardín Ingles – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we will talk about the English style in garden decoration. Remember that they are one of the most traditional landscaping we see in history.

These gardens are ideal for designing and organizing them within a fairly large outdoor space.This style of decoration seems to decorate the garden as if it were a postcard. Harmony and balance predominate. Of course, to achieve this, we should not leave any random details.

Everything congregates with absolute precision. In addition there is no space or place for last minute irrelevant accessories or details.

The English garden has a basic premise that we must respect if we want to decorate our garden using its meaning. And we must decorate with respect to the order of the land and its own undulations. Nothing to modify the terrain and perfect it. That is subtracting part of its essence. It is a scrupulous respect for nature itself.

Anyway we do not talk about an extremely bland decoration. There is also space for more ornate corners where we can include more decorative elements, but that keep balance with the general base, taking care of the order to the extreme. Almost as if it were English punctuality. English gardens include various accessories to take into account, among which both wooden beams and fountains stand out. Without forgetting an essential and unavoidable part, the typical outdoor furniture necessary to carry out tea time. At 5 p.m. This part is simple, simply with a traditional table and chairs. A very English style.

English landscaping is not aimed at creating exotic spaces. The only thing you are looking for is to improve and order those we have. That is, focus on the land we have and get the most out of it. The balance of this type of garden is sought in orderly beauty, which is why it needs wide expanses with horizons that end up impacting us visually instantly. That is why the touch of color that different flowers give off and the essential fact that a source is capable of providing the necessary balance must not be lacking. It is about living nature to the extreme, providing few details of human presence.

The English garden should be made for greater beauty in large spaces. The perfect dimension is that in which our garden becomes a noticeable rectangle. Since in the middle we can install a walk with a small fountain in the middle. While on the sides the garden is reborn with its lawn and plants.

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