La esparraguera - Ideas for gardens and decoration

La esparraguera – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decoration and Gardens we want to talk to you about the plant of the asparagus. For all those who consider the fact of growing this plant or just want to know more about it .. we comment that it is often used to decorate landscapes, gardens ..

Asparagus is native to South Africa, but we can see how in some places this innocent plant has become an invasive species.

To plant in our home, either in the garden .. for those who have a small space or even to plant it on the balcony or terrace .. it is ideal to have it in our home. The care is very simple and almost any of us could take care of an asparagus. Taking good care of it, this plant is very grateful and develops with great leafiness, giving or giving much joy to our decorations.

Known as asparagus plumosus or asparagus setaceus, visually it is very similar to the fern plant due to the great foliage that the plant can reach. This perennifolia plant has leaves with immense ramifications, which end in very thin small needles … but contrary to what it may seem, the asparagus does not prick!

As a decorative and vivacious plant, we also comment that it belongs to the family of liliaceas. Its strains are thick and quite developed .. so that we learn a little more about their morphology, we must say that the stem can reach up to 1.5 meters high.

The other end-pointed leaves are small, whitish and membranous. The small spur at the base is one of its characteristics. This plant also gives its small flowers, it will be flared.

Asparagus is quite appreciated in the Spanish diet, so we recommend that you plant asparagus as a decorative and healthy plant for our diet. This endearing plant usually blooms in spring and is collected at the same time.

Finally we tell you that the consumption of asparagus, in our diet, provides asparagine and tyrosine, carbohydrates and saponin … with all this, asparagus will give us a diuretic effect, a lot of fiber for our moments in the bathroom, it is purifying and exquisite.

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