La Mimosa - Ideas for gardens and decoration

La Mimosa – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in our space we will talk about a well-known tree, whose small flowers make it extremely striking.

La Mimosa, is a tree with small flowers of a beautiful golden yellow color. We understand that there are about 1,300 species, of which one group of mimosa plants do not carry thorns (Australia) and another group of mimosa plants do carry thorns (Africa).

In general, Mimosa is a perennial foliage tree, with an ornamental function used in avenues and parks, due to the colorful color of the flowering; In addition, species with thorns are used as defensive hedges in some rural houses.

On this occasion we will deal with the scientifically named Acacia horrida Willd plant, commonly known as Mimosa Orange, Acacia Espinosa, African Carambuco, African Aromo.

It belongs to the Mimosaceae family and is of South African origin, natural savannas and deserts.

This species of mimosa is a deciduous tree with long spines very rows whose height reaches 7 meters high, can live up to 30 years.

Acacia spiny is a rustic species very resistant to drought, adapts easily in dry but drained soil. Like full sun.

It should be pruned every year once the flowering season is over. It is a kind of easy regrowth. It reproduces by seeds.

Etymologically the term "acacia" comes from the Greek akakia which means innocence, or absence of vices. It is said that the wood of the cross in which Jesus Christ died was made of this tree, and that the crown of thorns placed on his head came from the branches with thorns of the acacia.

The Biblical Acacia belongs to the genus Mimosa, they are trees that grow in the valleys of the Sinai torrent.

In some cities such as mine, flowering begins at the end of the winter season, maintaining the spectacular vision throughout the spring. We have several copies in the vicinity of Av. Ecological –Tiquipaya– Bolivia.

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