Landscaping Take ideas for your garden

Landscaping Take ideas for your garden

If you want to know a little more about ideas of gardeningThe main thing is to examine and investigate what type of vegetation grows in your region. We can visit local nurseries, national parks … where they will show us the best specimens of flowers and trees … in this way we will have something to base ourselves to decorate our own garden.

The visual impact of a flowerbed and fragrant flowers are perfect for generating warm environments, we always take into account the choice of plants based on our needs and our tastes. We must take into account the color scheme we want, as this will greatly influence the finish of the garden.

The trees will create an excellent landscape, provide color, texture and a pleasant shadow. We can plant fruit trees, in addition to their aroma .. we can take advantage of all its fruits. If you love the trees in your region, find out what their average size is so they can be planted in your garden … for example, the fir and birch are medium in size … if you have a small garden you may be more interested in trees such as maple and olive Russian.

If you want your plants and flowers to grow successfully we should know the growth conditions and if these plants adapt to others to your liking. To know we can take a small sample of soil, so we will know what can grow or not. We must prepare the land to have our own cultivation environment and learn to know the lighting needs of each sample before sowing.

Once we have done our landscaping scheme, to integrate it into our own garden, and we know that we can or not plant inside it … when the soil is ready to plant and we know the light and irrigation system … we will think about pests and the most common possible diseases that can affect your plants like trees and flowers.

We will inspect the plants frequently to eliminate any harmful activity for it. We will also eliminate weeds and weeds that are formed routinely .. this is the best idea for your flowers to remain in the best aesthetic state. If you want less weeds to grow .. we can always put a layer of mulch on the flower beds.

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