Paisajismo para jardines pequeños

Landscaping tips for small spaces

More and more small gardens, so you must find a way to They look pretty taking advantage of the space available optimally. Ideally, turn to a professional who takes care of the landscape but if you feel like doing it yourself you should know some guidelines to get the best results.

We advise you to place light colored plants, since they will give an optimal feeling of space, light colors reflect a greater amount of light. The same goes for small-leaf silver, plants that have very large leaves generate the sensation of removing vital space.

You may exchange different species creating different areas, even if they are small. If grass is to be used, it should be placed in very specific areas. If we are going to create flower beds, they should never be straight but with a beak or trapezoid shape. When we create unevenness we are generating an optical effect of amplitude, you will see how you feel that the place is greatly enlarged in meters.

With respect to the decorative objects that we can place we must take into account using only the fair and necessary ones, these should not be of a small size but of a normal size. Elements such as a wall fountain or spout, bells, sound plants will provide extra well-being, so we should be encouraged to use them. Neither the walls nor the furniture should be painted in aggressive colors, the ideal is to choose neutral colors or tones such as ivory, sand white, cotton.

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