Lavender Properties - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Lavender Properties – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about a very special plant, Lavender. Although in a second space we will talk more in depth about this beautiful bush .. today we will love to give you some indications about the properties of the plant.

It is quite interesting to cultivate the flowers and plants that we like the most and also learn to decorate both our exterior and interior spaces. It is also very interesting to know that the plants we grow can have some beneficial properties and specific indications that can complement us either in our diet or in other types of needs.

We remember that one of the main components found in the Lavender It is essential oil. This essential oil contains several substances such as geranium or borneo … among many others that will undoubtedly bring relaxation to our busy life.

If you have stress, nerves, insomnia .. lavender is a remedy extremely effective to calm the nerves .. imagine that you take a test, you can always make an infusion of lavender. It is practical to grow some aromatic herbs and flowers that help us in the kitchen, in addition to taking advantage of its charm for the decoration of rooms.

We have already seen that Lavender has sedative properties, in addition they will also serve us for infections and is bactericidal. If you suffer from anxiety for work, studies or problems in general .. this bush is perfect to regulate insomnia, do something if we have tachycardia, against migraine pain …

But it is not all, it will also help us as a digestive tonic, so we will retain less gas .. Rheumatic pain also relieves them, in addition to skin infections, wounds or bites of certain insects. It is a plant that relieves many things!

But like everything we should always have or take certain precautions with it .. for example one of them is not to apply lavender oil on any wound that we have or inside in soft areas, if we are PREGNANT. Nor could we do it during pregnancy, or when we are breastfeeding.

Children under 6 years old should also be left aside, that is, do not apply the oil and even less if they have any disease. We must be careful with lavender oil in young children as it could cause dermatitis.

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