Cultivo de la lavanda

Lavender Secrets

We will tell you about care and lavender crops. Let's keep in mind that it is a very aromatic plant that we all want to have in our garden. When the end of spring and beginning of summer comes, many types of lavenders bloom.

Without a doubt it is one of the favorite species of landscapers, architects and gardeners. It has the advantage of being easy to grow, both in the ground and in a pot, it supports the direct rays of the sun, times of drought and the attack of common pests, it is also very easy to propagate.

Lavender is a semi-shrubby plant whose stems are woody. Its flowers are purplish blue that are used in decoration, in the kitchen and are highly valued for their medicinal properties.

Like most plants that produce flower lavender enjoys being in the sun. However, they can be placed in semi-shade areas as long as they receive direct sun for a few hours a day. The difference between those that are placed in the sun and the semi shade is the tone of the leaves and the amount of flowers they produce. Those located in the semi shade have greener leaves and less flowers.

The ideal ground for lavender must have sand and some clay soil, with a good mixture of minerals. There may also be some pebbles throughout the land. Lavender does not support waterlogging since its roots can rot quickly.

In very fertile lands, lavender produces fewer flowers and its fragrance also decreases. Despite this characteristic, there are many experts who advise using organic fertilizers rich in magnesium and potassium, which should be placed before they bloom.

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