Césped que no requiere mucho riego

Lawn that does not require much watering

We will advise you what type of grass to use if you do not want to water it frequently.

Zoysia tenuifolia
Known to all as Grass of the Mascarenas. It is common to see it in private gardens and public parks. It is ideal to use in areas where you will receive a low water content. It reaches a height of up to 10 centimeters, it compacts when it is stepped on.

It should be noted that the species turns yellow when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees, although it resists alive until -15 º. It has great resistance to trampling.

It will be enough with water it once a week during the summer and can withstand up to 40 days without risk in critical times. It is advisable to pay them twice a year with slow release compounds.

One of the disadvantages of the species is that during the first months it has a very slow growth.

Stenotaphrum secundatum
Lawn commonly known as Gramon. It has a broad blade and thick stolons. In winter it can turn yellow with temperatures below 0 degrees. Supports the shadow of trees and buildings.

Its maintenance has the advantage of being scarce, widely used in Mediterranean climate areas. Tolerates up to 30 days without watering.

Lippia nodiflora
It is characterized by its white or pink flowers. It reaches a height of 5 centimeters. Withstands temperatures below – 12 degrees, start losing the leaves from – 5 degrees and sprouts vigorously again in spring. During the summer we recommend a gift once every 10 days. It does not require pruning.

One of the disadvantages is that it does not acquire a beautiful appearance on winter.

Frankenia Laevis
During the spring she wears beautiful and decorative pink flowers. Its maximum height does not exceed three centimeters. Resists up to – 12 degrees during the summer. It is advisable to place in a place where it will not be heavily trampled. It will be enough to water them only once a week. It does not require cutting or pruning.

If you want to encourage development you must pay periodically. Very resistant to the saline environment. To obtain a good lawn it is essential that you control your weeds.

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