Lawnmower maintenance, how to do it

Lawnmower maintenance to extend its life

The lawn mower is an essential tool that we garden care help, performing a proper maintenance will help us if the service life is extended over the years.

After a while without using it we must perform a maintenance of the lawnmower, this way it will work in optimal conditions. It should be cleaned part by part. Hopefully these lawnmower maintenance tips will be useful.

Source: Xavier Gonzalo Pons

Air filter cleaning

This cleaning should be done after three hours of use, every time you use it. In the event that the filter is an oil bath you will have to give it a rinse with gasoline and refill engine oil. If it is a dry filter it will be enough to gently tap the elements with paper or blow with air, a practical way to remove the rest of the dust. Remember to clean the interior and mount it again.

Spark plug cleaning

Remove the spark plug and clean it with a brush by removing the carbon particles that gathered in the electrode. Yes it is necessary to correct the separation between electrodes with a thickness gauge. Now you should verify that the spark plug sparks properly. Install it again, it should be well pressed. If it is badly tightened the spark plug will heat up and damage the engine.

Change the oil

This change must be made the day after using it. The change must be made with the hot engine and the machine stopped. To be able to empty it, remove the cap on the bottom, place the engine on a horizontal surface and remove all the oil. Remember to use the special oil recommended by the manufacturer and never another.

You should never manipulate your slicer grass without fully stopping the engine. Nor should you fill the fuel tank with the engine running. Remember not to put your hands or feet near the blade of the machine when it is running.

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