Learn to germinate rose seeds

Good morning friends! In today's space we tell you how to make rose seeds germinate correctly.

If you want to grow roses, today we leave you some little tips that will help you a lot.

Remember that it will not give us an equal result in the reproduction of roses, that is to say, there are no two identical plants to the parents.

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<p style=With this in mind, all this will help us to always create new species or varieties of previously pollinated roses.

This serves to propagate species roses or patterns, such as canina laxa or R. canina which are obtained by sowing seeds.

If you are going to sow rose seeds, try not to collect them from areas where cross-pollination has occurred.

The roses obtained by seed are the most varialbes and it is easy for them to vary more. If you want to know how roses reproduce from seeds, here is a good method.

First we will try to germinate the seeds, for this we leave the rose hips in the rose bush until they have matured. If the flower has been pollinated in spring, it will mature in autumn approximately.

The fruit opens like any other, to extract the seeds. When you have them, clean them well of debris and fluff and pulp.

After soaking the seeds a whole night, you can also skip this step and not do it .. they end up germinating too.

Place some substrate in a frozen bag, also worth coconut fiber. put it wet but not soaked. Then place the seeds inside. Close well to avoid losing moisture.

occasionally control the contents of the bags, the seeds will need a lethargy at low temperature and thus germinate.

Depending on the type of seed it will germinate sooner or later, for spring or late winter.

Watch that the seeds have come off the shell, when this happens and we see the cotyledons .. we carefully pass them to a tray of alveoli. Individually.

Here the seeds will continue their development normally, protect them in extreme climates and if it is very windy.

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