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Learn to grow cauliflower

Today I leave you the necessary steps to grow cauliflower in our garden. If you have a small garden in your garden, in the yard or you want to learn how to grow cauliflower for later, here are some things to keep in mind.

In today's space these tips for growing cauliflower will help you plant it without problems. Then you can make it in your favorite dishes either as a salad for summer or battered as many people like. Remember the importance of eating vegetables.

When you go to plant this vegetable, it is essential that the soil is well prepared that is rich so that the cauliflower develops perfectly. The soil in addition to being rich in nutrients should be very firm and compact, not soft soils. In this way your delicious cauliflowers will grow.

On the other hand it is very important to maintain the humidity of the soil itself, so we must also prepare a porous soil so that the moisture does not get too tight, rotting the roots, but not dry. In this way, try to use fertilizer types that alkalize these soils.

The seedling is good for planting cauliflower, for later transplanting the plant … just when the buds of the plant come out. Remember that you can choose this type of vegetable in several different species, in this way you will get that you do not miss throughout the year. You should also keep in mind that this type of plant does not resist low frosts, so you should protect them very well by covering them, for example.

Irrigation is very important, like everything else, especially when cauliflower is in its growing season. Depending on the heat and the dryness of the earth, you should water it 8 to 14 times a week and I don't exaggerate! Finally you can add liquid fertilizer, for example, when it is in the growth stage.

Harvest the cauliflowers when you notice them firm and very hard. Then they will be ready to eat. I hope these ideas are very useful for creating your small or large orchards. What do you think?

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