Learn to grow Quivers! - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Learn to grow Quivers! – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends. today in Decoration and Gardens We want to talk about growing quivers. If you want to complete your garden or patio with the quiver plantation, take some suggestions that can be very useful.

Remember that this plant is also known as Fuschias, due to its discoverer. Pertaining to Onagraphic, It is a beautiful plant whose cultivation does not require great skill, although like every plant it needs some care.

The Quiver It comes, in large part, from New Zealand, southern Chile, Argentina … etc. If you want to grow it, we must take into account that it must be transplanted when spring arrives. Your perfect transplant will be on land where we have added earthworm humus and bone meal in lean black soil.

This is done so that the beautiful, the beauty of the plant Increase much more … also help us to live longer, growing stronger.

If you grow Quivers in your garden, do it in an area where semi shade, the soil is much better wet … we must take into account that it is a very resistant plant, but the areas of dry heat is its weak point can kill them quickly.

So that we are prevented from flea pests, we tell you that it is usually a plant that can be affected by aphids, whitefly and cochineal.

So far we have talked about planting them in the garden on dry land, but if on the contrary you want to grow the quivers inside pots, remember that there are hybrid species that have already been modified to be able to do it -transplant it in pots-

Finally, tell them that if we decide to do it in pots, it always has soil or wet substrate and its location will always be where there is a medium shade … without the full sun.

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