Learn to sow peppers – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we talk about how to grow peppers! If you have a small garden, you will want to plant everything you like!

Today we do not talk about all the vegetables you can plant, but we will talk about the planting of peppers!

With a few small tips you can sow peppers and collect them to eat whether they are fried, in salad, stews and others.

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<p style=The pepper plant is varied, that is, there are many varieties of it. In this way its fruits will be the pepper and can be red, yellow, green … etc.

The best time for planting the pepper is from January to June .. that is to say we are in perfect season!

The seeds can be grown in seedbeds, well protected from wind and other harmful agents. Then we transplant the seedlings when we see that they have rooted perfectly in the seedbed.

Protect the plants from frost, something important is to know that the seeds will germinate between ten and fifteen days after planting.

The soil must be prepared under conditions for the plant to grow optimally. To do this we will pay the land well and air it properly.

The pepper plant can grow with minimum temperatures of 20 degrees, so they will develop correctly. Extreme temperatures or above 35 degrees are not too good.

Water the plant regularly, carefully and without drowning. Some of the problems of this plant are apical necrosis, black spots on the fruit and the hateful aphids.

Finally we tell you that you can collect the fruits, if the plants during these dates, from the four months of planting. It is important to know that you can plant other things around them, but they are not all compatible .. Basil repels aphids, this will help us.

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