Puntas de hojas secas

Leaves to which the edge dries

Some sheets may suffer from the problem that the edges dry. It can usually happen after a long period of heat or when humidity is lacking (especially in indoor plants).

In some cases it is a consequence of strong heating in closed environments during winter or when the sun is direct and reaches the leaves through the window glass.

The spots that appear accompanied by dryness They are very easy to recognize. They can only affect certain parts of the sheet and not their entirety. When they only appear at the end of the leaf it is due to dry environment, if the burns appear as dots throughout the surface it can happen that the leaf has been wet and exposed to direct sun.

This problem does not affect all plants in the same way. When the problem appears in small leafy plants it can go unnoticed, it will only be necessary to remove the affected leaves or the complete stem if applicable.

In the case of large and pointed leaves, the edge can be cut. In the case of wide and large leaves, the entire leaf should be cut, especially when the stain is extensive.

It is important that dryness is not confused with excessive watering or sunburn with lack of light, although the symptoms may resemble.

Remember that the plants that tolerate direct sun exposure they can suffer burns s the sun is received through the crystals, which acts like a magnifying glass.

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