Linaria Anticaria - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Linaria Anticaria – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends of Decoration and Gardens, in today's space we will love to talk to you about the family of the LInaria Anticaria.

These beautiful flowers are found within a family that includes at least four subspecies .. all of them from the Iberian Southeast. Among the four species we find the L. verticillata ssp. verticillata, L. verticillata ssp. lilacin, L. verticillata ssp. fourthnensis and L. verticillata ssp. anticaria

Although by name it may seem that this fantastic plant belongs to Torcal, it usually grows in a multitude of Andalusian mountains of Malaga, Jaén and Granada.

Specifically, this spectacular plant, which we are talking about today grows by the cracks of the rocks, the rocky and is putting endless color notes in the delicate landscape.

The Linaria Anticaria It is usually a plant that does not measure more than 20 cm, so it is perfect for landscaping or to try to reproduce it in greenhouses or others … although its natural habitat is usually, as we said before, the fissures of the rocks.

It is a roticle plant, that is to say, that is usually born between rocks and vertical fissures of limestone soils .. we will see it give its lovely flowers between May and July.

It is a plant widely distributed by the Torcal in Antequera and by the Sierras de las Nieves, Chimneys, Camarolos in Malaga, Grazalema … In addition we can also see it on the subbética Cordobesa and the Sierra de Castril in Granada.

If you are interested in landscaping, you already know that this family is composed of beautiful flowering plants, in different colors such as purple, lilac, violet, yellow, white …

So you already know a little more about this magnificent plant, ideal for landscapes and for its shape and distinctive color.

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