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Link between the weather and the trees.

Each tree species it needs a special climate to be able to develop. There are hot, cold, dry, humid climates and in each of them you can develop a different vegetation.

For that reason, when you have to choose a tree for your garden you should take into account the climate of your area, in addition to the characteristics of the soil and the space that is required to optimize growth.

A good option is to look around, observing the species that are in public gardens to know which species develop properly. Another option is to approach the nurseries and see what kind of trees are sold there.

A very frequent error is usually found in the purchase of fruit trees, a clear example is what happens with the currants or cherry trees that are sold in all places, including where the weather is warm without enough cold that is needed to accumulate fruiting

Consult with a professional before buying a fruit tree, to find out which is the appropriate variety.

In the case that you want to buy a tree by catalog or that you decide to bring a copy of a place with another climate you should know if it has the ability to adapt to your garden or will die

We must know whether or not the trees can withstand the cold. There are many who end up with weak frosts, but when they are strong (below -10 degrees) problems can appear. For example, an orange tree that is in an area where the leaves can burn less than 5 degrees below zero, the same thing usually happens with palm trees.

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