Little space for your garden?

Little space for your garden?

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and GardensWe would love to talk to you about how to create lovely places, even if you don't have much space.

If you have few square meters, but you want to have your own garden … here we leave you some suggestion that can be of great inspiration.

Many of us think, by mistake, that the garden should be little more like a large park where we must make room either in the front of the home, or in the back area.

But to create a green corner, very beautiful and attractive you do not need so much space .. just a few meters. Keep in mind that a small space can always become the most cozy corner of the house and more if our living room has views towards it.

The first thing we do is think of a certain place in our home, think a well-lit corner, if it can be with a window … this way we will be creating a focal point, where we will put our first floor.

Right in the center of where we have planned to place the garden, locate a great plant with your favorite flowers right in the center of it, in this way it will stand out and take center stage.

If you love roses, do not put a hundred different types of flowers … because the space is small and would look too shocking. If you like roses, put only roses … at most different colors … this will make the environment not saturated.

Remember that we do not want this little corner to be transformed into a plant reservoir, so choose only one or two types … know how to combine colors and shapes well and voila … we already have our cozy corner.

Remember that we can also limit the use and quantity of furniture, so the place will seem bigger. We will choose the plants with small leaves … and thus they will not be blunted.

Finally, even in a small space, create a foreground and background .. for this use larger and less large plants .. so our eyes will walk from behind to the front and give a feeling of spaciousness.

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